Victoptics S4 Riflescope Big Side Wheel

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Made of Aluminum Alloy, Pentagon Cutout, 7mm 0.3" Width, Light Weight

100mm 4.0" Outer Diameter, 35mm 1.3" Inside Diameter w/ Rubber Sleeve

Accpet OEM & ODM

Victoptics S4 Riflescope Big Side Wheel Accpet OEM & ODM

Outer Diameter: 10mm / 4.0 inch

Inside Diameter: 35mm / 1.3 inch

Width: 7mm / 0.3 inch

Weight: 40g / 1.4oz

Material: Alluminum alloy



Victoptics S4 Riflescope Big Side Wheel 4-16x44 MDL Riflescope


Victoptics S4 4-16x44 MDL Riflescope


Victoptics S4 Riflescope Big Side Wheel  6-24x50 MDL Riflescope


Victoptics S4 6-24x50 MDL Riflescope


  • Does this fit the 3-12x FFP Veyron ? Or which one will fit that specific Scope ? Sincerely Daniel

    No, this doesn't fit Veyron.
    We don't have a side wheel fitting Veyron well.

  • Will this fit vector veyron 6-24×44 IR FPP ??

    Hi, no, it not fits for Veyron. Only for OPSL16/17.

  • What is the dimensions of iner ring and outer ring I have a 10x40x50 vecter scope asking to see if it will fit

    Hello, Robert Selvey.
    We have received your message.

    First, thanks for your consideration of our brand and products.
    As for your question, you can look at the specifications of this.
    And could you please tell us which scope do you have? Ww have several types scopes with 10-40x50.

    If you have other questions, welcome to contact us.
    Best regards.

  • Does this fit Vector Veyron 6-24 Illuminated Reticle?

    Hi, no, it is no fit for Veyron 6-24 Illuminated Reticle. It only fit for OPSL16/ OPSL17

  • Will this fit the vector optics sentinel 10-40x50?

    No, this one will fit
    Scope Side Focus Universal Big Side Wheel - Vector Optics 2007 (