Dropshipping Program

What is the dropshipping program?

Dropshipping is a way for you to sell products without storing the inventory yourself. When a customer places an order in your store, you purchase the products from the Vector Optics and select how to ship the product directly to your customer. You don't need to hold any inventory or ship items yourself.

Why Join Our Dropshipping Program?

【1】Inventory is always an important consideration for those who want to open a local shop or build an online store.
What bothers them is whether they should make a decision to spend money to buy products in bulk, then store ,unpack and ship them to buyers.

Some risks should be considered :

  1. “What is the quality of the products ?”
  2. “How about my sales in the future ? ”
  3. “Do I have the confidence in the future market ?”

【2】For customers who apply to become our distributors, a certain condition may not meet our distributor policy, and they cannot obtain competitive prices. Drop shipping can help you solve this dilemma.

Vector Optics Services

  • Discount

Send me the product list and quantity you want, and I will give you a suitable quotation. And make a long-term valid discount code for you alone. It is convenient for you to use next time.

* Please contact to online@vectoroptics.com to apply for “Exclusive Discount Code”.

  • Shipment

Vector Optics will ship the products directly to the address wrote in each order.
Vector Optics will be responsible for “parcel losting”.
Vector Optics will not put any advertising materials in the parcel

  • Warranty

Vector Optics will be responsible for unartificial “item defective”.
Customers can enjoy the right of directly contacting to retail@vectoroptics.com for warranty.

Who Can Apply?

  • Internet marketers
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who hasan e-commerce website or online retail business

How to Join?

  1. Register an account ( official online store www.vector2007.com )
  2. Use the exclusive “Discount Code” to place the order.
  3. www.vector2007.com ship product to you or your customer directly.

*If you have any questions about joining our program, just send us an email at online@vectoroptics.com and one of our support team members will be in touch to provide more information.