New! Scrapper Solar Power Multi Reticles Red Dot Sight!

November 05, 2022 3 min read

New! Scrapper Solar Power Multi Reticles Red Dot Sight!

What to do if you are shooting outside and your red dot sight suddenly runs out of battery? Well, if you are well prepared, youd probably change a new battery and keep shooting, but what if theres no replaceable battery around you? Vector Optics now has some new items that offer a great solution for this situation! Scrapper red dot sights with solar power engaged and multi reticles, with two window size options: 1x22 and 1x25. Lets first focus on the main features of the new solar power multi reticles red dot sight!

Main features

  • Compact and solid

First of all, like other Scrapper red dot sights, the solar power one is compact, solid and light weight for all application tactics, shooting, hunting & sporting. Many people are concerned if the solar panel would fall off in shooting, so we had a drop test with the solar power red dot sight, the result showed that theres no need to worry at all! We dropped the sight from 1 to 1.5 meters for about 30 times, the lenses and solar panel are not broken, dot still on (without battery), excellence performance!


*For the full video of the drop test, please click on the picture!

  • Solar Power Engaged

Compared with other old members in Scrapper family, the new red dot sight is featured for the solar power panel on its top surface, which not only maximums extend sight electric runtime, but also enables the red dot sight to keep working even without battery (outdoor under sunlight). The sight is designed to utilize solar power prior to the battery, so When use it outdoor under sunshine, no battery needed; when use it indoor or in dim conditions, it will automatically adapt to the battery power.


  • Multi Reticles

Besides solar power, the new red dot sight also offers three different types of reticles, fit for different shooting needs. The standard dot is 2MOA, can focus on the target quickly and allow a wide field of view for better situational awareness; The cross-hair circle is 40MOA, good for mid to longer ranges shooting; while the circle + cross-hair dot is 52MOA, good for self-defense and close ranges.


  • >180,000 Hours Battery Runtime

The solar-priority design greatly extends the runtime of the red dot sight, besides, with the motion sensor feature, the sight can shut off automatically after resting for 2 mins, which saves the battery runtime. Therefore, the red dot sight can work for at least 180,000 hours, over 3 times the service life of other Scrapper red dot sights!

Other features of Scrapper Solar Power Multi Reticles Red Dot Sight

✔️Motion Sensor

✔️IP67 Water Proof

✔️Direct Bulb without Flicker

✔️8 Levels Dot Intensity & 2 NV Dot Intensity

✔️Parallax <1MOA

✔️With Low & Riser Picatinny / Weaver Mount

✔️1MOA Adjustment with Audible Click, 45MOA Adjustment Range

How to order?





*Click on the picture for order, or contact  For cooperation,please get in touch with 


FAQ of the week

1. Is the new solar power red dot sight absolute co-witness or lower 1/3 co-witness?

Scrapper solar power red dot sights include two models: SCRD-SM45 and SCRD-SM46. SCRD-SM45 is lower 1/3 co-witness, which means that the red dot is over the iron sight; SCRD-SM46 is absolute co-witness, which means that the red dot coincides with the iron sight. (Please check the picture below for reference)


*For the more about absolute co-witness or lower 1/3 co-witness , please click on the picture!

2. Pros and cons of absolute co-witness and lower 1/3 co-witness

Using Absolute co-witness, the red dot is always aligned with iron sight so you can react faster and more accurate when the target appears in your field of view, but the iron sight will block part of the field of view; Using Lower 1/3 co-witness can provide wider field of view and less interference ,but you need to change the line of sight when you need both red dot sight and iron sight.


If you have any questions or advice on Scrapper Solar Power Multi Reticles Red Dot Sight, welcome to


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