Frenzy Reflex sight on GLOCK MOS Pistol

November 04, 2022 2 min read

 Frenzy Reflex sight on GLOCK MOS Pistol

As one of the most popular product lines in Vector Optics, Frenzy reflex sights are featured for the light weight, crystal-clear image and bright dot. There are mainly three series of the Frenzy product line: Frenzy Basic, Frenzy-X and Frenzy-S. Frenzy Basic and some Frenzy-X reflex sights have TEK footprint compatible with Docter® Footprint; other Frenzy-X reflex sights have MOJ footprint compatible with R.M.R® footprint; and Frenzy-S reflex sights have MAG footprint compatible with Shield RMSc® footprint.


Frenzy reflex sights are great optical solutions for pistols as they are excellent in increasing target acquisition speed and accuracy. GLOCK® pistols are popular firearms among civilians for recreational and competition shooting, home- and self-defense, both in concealed or open carry. Therefore, the combination of Frenzy reflex sights and GLOCK pistols would be great for both Vector Optics and GLOCK® fans, but do you know how to install a Frenzy reflex sight on a GLOCK® pistol? Check out this page for answers!

GLOCK® offers MOS (Modular Optic System Configuration) pistol models in Standard and Slimline MOS Configuration. Standard GLOCK® MOS Pistols come with 4 numbered GLOCK® MOS Adapter plates, which include adapter Doctor®, Meopta®, Insight® (01), adapter Trijicon® (02), adapter C-More® (03) and adapter Leupold® (04).

Adapter (01) and (02) are compatible with Frenzy/Frenzy-X reflex sights, adapter (04) is compatible with Frenzy-S reflex sights. (Check the chart below for more details)

Slimline GLOCK® MOS pistols have slide cuts designed for specific micro-optics and do not include adapter plates, compatible with Frenzy-S Reflex sights.



How to install Frenzy sight on a GLOCK pistol in MOS Configuration

lGLOCK pistol in Standard MOS Configuration:


*Fit for Frenzy/Frenzy-X/Frenzy-S reflex sight, check the chart above for adapter reference.

lGlock pistol in Slimline MOS Configuration:


*Exclusive for optics ready pistol slide, compatible with MAGTM/Shield RMSc® footprint. Some reflex sight with MOJTM/R.M.R® footprint can also be mounted on this kind of slide.

Warning: Before installation, please first figure out the optics ready pistol’s footprint when choosing a FRENZY model.

Our Frenzy-S series are super light and compact, featured for the low profile structure and MAG footprint compatible with Shield RMSc® Footprint, perfect for MOS and optics ready pistols.  What is optics ready? Namely, the slide is ready to accept an optic when it ships from the factory, and theres no adapter plate needed in the mounting. Common optics ready GLOCK® pistols in Shield RMSc® footprint are GLOCK® G48 MOS, GLOCK® G17 Gen5 MOS, GLOCK® G34 Gen5 MOS, etc.


Watch Now!

Learn more about correctly installing Frenzy model reflex sight on the GLOCK Standard MOS pistol by watching the instructional video:

 Learn more about correctly installing Frenzy model reflex sight on the GLOCK Slimline MOS pistol by watching the instructional video:


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