Vector Optics


Vector Optics has provided premium optics and innovative sighting system for more than 15 years.

We design, build and test our scopes & red dot sights for rifles and pistols to be used in all fields of applications for hunting, defense, sporting & competition.



In 2003, Vector Optics was founded by a huge optics enthusiast by the name of Xushen Shen (also known as Stephen). Though Stephen had a strong interest and an affinity for the shooting sports, there were very few Chinese brand riflescopes available to the general public at that time. He felt that since Chinese could manufacture and produce rockets and satellites, certainly Chinese could produce high quality optics too.

Time after time, his passion never waned and his determination to make his dream come true finally became a reality.

In 2007, Stephen decided to devote himself and focus his efforts on the optics industry. He is considered as a pioneer in the Chinese scope industry.

Now, in 2021, Vector Optics are recognized all over the world and exported to customers in more than 80 countries.



The company originated under the name Sunclear but as time progressed Stephen wanted to change the name to something more product specific. Vector is defined as a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another. He was dwelling on this thought when an American partner suggested the name “Vector Optics”. Stephen decided that name sounded more appropriate and thought it would be more widely recognized and remembered by optics consumers. Since that time Sunclear, was officially changed to the Vector Optics® and is still in use today


Product Advantage

Why is Vector Optics the top brand for optics made in China? What is the difference between Vector Optics products and other optics made in China?

Vector Optics delivers unmatched performance products with an unforgettable user experience at unbeatable prices. We build our products beyond your expectations. We provide precision aiming solutions and perfect shot over short, medium, and long range shooting..

Robust: Tremendously strong to withstand heavy recoil and just about everything else.

Remarkable: Bright color, high resolution and virtually perfect image contrast

Reliable: Precision shots with every hunting, sporting and defense in any distance even at low light,

Repeating: Accurate and positive adjustments allow fast & repeatable distance corrections



Vector Optics has won many government contracts. Our products are implemented in various applications from recreational shooters to critical users such as: sporting marksman, avid hunters and tactical elites in arctic cold, desert heat and all in environments that can-and-will.


Vector Optics will accompany your every shot and be your loyal partner!

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