The Full Continnental Line & New Items

May 25, 2023 2 min read

Three Minutes to Learn About the Continental:

Vector Optics full series of top line -- 34mm FFP scopes and hunting & tactical SFP scope.


·Continental 34mm FFP Scope -- Robust & Relentless & Remarkable.【View More】


Three options for reticle:


34mm 6x zoom factor first focal plane scope with exposed MIL turret adjustment. It delivers an unparalleled vision and extremely high value adjustment range. Each of this model provides zero-stop with revolution counter system.

·Continental Hunting Scope -- Simple, Reliable, and Easy to Use.


Three options for reticle:


6x zoom factor second focal plane hunting scope with capped adjustment. 8x zoom factor second focal plane hunting ED glass scope with capped adjustment. Center dot illuminated reticle ideal for the various hunting, such as varmint, safari and big game etc.

·Continental Tactical Scope -- Compete & Protect & Defend.


Three options for reticle:


6x zoom factor second focal plane tactical scope with exposed MIL turret adjustment. 8x zoom factor second focal plane tactical ED glass scope with exposed MIL turret adjustment. It covers not only compact and lightweight LPVO but scope with Christmas tree style reticle identifies and engages target at substantial distance.

·New 10x FFP scope

We will be adding 1-10x scopes with 1/10MIL adjustment to the Continental line in this year.

√34mm tubeMore space for internal adjustment and can be more precise.

√LaREE Lens & VePRO FMC ED LensCorrects chromatic aberrations; avoids color dispersion and provides amazing clarity and contrast.

√93% light transmissionIt has obvious advantages in low light environment. Especially brighter at dusk and in the dark

√Etched BDC reticleBetter at bullet drop compensation, convenient to use.

*More details of 1-10x Continental scopes are still being updated, stay tuned!



New Items of 2023:

Which one or which new items are you most looking forward?

We will release many new products this year. More new products will offer more choices for you. Some of the new products have already met the customers at the IWA 2023. New products and other hot items are sought by numerous consumers. If you want to see the video with part of new products, please click the link to visit.(







*For more new items, please click the link to know more details


Meeting at New Year's the 50th Anniversary of IWA

IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 makes its mark, attracting many new and return customers. Our hot items and new products have been loved by them.

An entire sector is on the rise: IWA 2023 can confirm a apparent turnaround with an inspiring atmosphere during that four days. Besides, nearly 1,100 exhibitors attracted 34,000 trade visitors to Nuremberg from 119 countries.


We didn't go to IWA 2022 because of the Covid-19 last year. This year we once again felt the consumers enthusiasm. Whats more, we visited the companies of our local German distributor after the IWA show. We are looking forward to better cooperation with local dealers and more products become hot products sought after by numerous consumers!



All eyes are already on the future: manufacturersdealers and others from the entire sector will gather for the 50th anniversary of IWA OutdoorClassics in the next year. 

And next IWA will hold at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 29 February to 3 March 2024Look forward to seeing you at the 50th anniversary of IWA in the next year.

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