Angled vs Straight Spotting Scope, How to Choose?

July 04, 2024 3 min read

Angled or Straight Spotting Scope would meet your personal preferences? What should be considered when picking one? There are various spotting scopes with different shapes and sizes, in general, it's divided into angled and straight.

What is a spotting scope and how it works?

Spotting scope is a type of telescope that is used for terrestrial observation. It works by using a combination of lenses and prisms to magnify distant objects, and it is typically mounted on a tripod for stability and ease of use.

Spotting scopes are typically used for bird watching, hunting, and other outdoor activities where it is necessary to see objects that are far away. They feature high magnification, for instance, 12x-40x, 15x-40x, 20x-60x, 25-75x, etc., large objective lens diameter and built-in prism lens.

Angled vs StraightSpotting Scope, What's the Difference?

An angled spotting scope has an angled eyepiece, which is set at a 45-degree angle to the scope body.

A straight spotting scope, on the other hand, has a straight eyepiece that is in line with the scope body.

Pros and Cons of Straight Spotting Scope You Should Know

Straight spotting scopes are easier to use for beginners and better for looking at animals on the ground.Straight spotting scopes are also suitable for viewing in narrow spaces such as inside a vehicle. If you want to use it for prolonged observation, you can adjust the tripod height to be level with your eyes, which is a less fatiguing posture. However, it can be hard to use when looking up at an angle. And it requires a higher tripod height to achieve the same viewing height as an angled spotting scope.

Pros and Cons of Angled Spotting Scope You Should Know

Angled spotting scopes are more comfortable to use when looking up at an angle, they allow for a lower tripod height, which can be more stable in windy conditions, or more comfortable to use from a seated position. The eyepiece can be adjusted for different heights, thus theangled spotting scopes can be easier to share with others. However, they can be more difficult to use for people who are new to spotting scopes, andcan be a little difficult to view at extreme downhill angles.

No matter choose angled scope or straight scope, make sure the spotting scope is compatible with a tripod, which will help you stabilize the image and reduce shakiness. As for tripod, Rokstad ELP V Mount Shooting Rest Tripod- Vector Optics is here to help. This Tripod is only 295g and made from 6061 T6 aluminum alloy, thus the lightweight body and rugged durability can give you an excellent experience.

Angled and Straight Spotting Scope Application Scenarios

Anangled spotting scope may be a better choice for birdwatcher, allowing them to look up into tall trees or at birds that sitting high on a branch.The angled design can help you get a better view without having to strain your neck or back.

A straight scope might be more comfortable and easier to use for shooters mostly viewingin hunting.

The choice between angled and straight spotting scope comes down to your personal preference.


Here are VE's spotting scope.

Continental, Our top line. For long-range observation and target shooting, the Continental line is ideal.



Paragon,Our premium line. It's the best choice for hunting, bird-watching and nature enthusiasts.



Forester, Ourentry-level line.It's made specifically for hunting and observing wildlife.


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