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Vector Overview

Vector Optics, One of the best top-rated riflescopes in the new century.

A company delivers a wide range of riflescopes, reflex sights, laser sights, range finders, mounts, lights & more.

A company has been engaged in this field more than 10 Years with tailored service, support and solution.

A company insists in products 100% detailed inspection before shipping via engineers and instruments.

A company sales turnover grows at least 25% developing more than 30 new products by RD department every year.

A company always stands behind its products spending USD 5000 on marketing and advertising every month.

Vector Optics Spirit

Vector Spirit

We are Vector Optics,
Various: Young and individualistic blood makes us a unique team.
Expert: We always hold ourselves to high standards and do better than the best.
Cooperate: Working together, can make a greater impact than individual efforts.
Thoughtful: Each person in the team has their own thoughts and pursuits.
Optimistic: Cordial atmosphere is the main color of the VE team, there is never a shortage of laughter here.
Respect: Accepting different viewpoints and communicate equally is the true mutual respect.