Absolute Co-Witness or Lower 1/3 Co-Witness?

July 08, 2020 1 min read

Absolute co-witness means that red dot sight and iron sight align with each other. The iron sight and the center dot are at the center of the window.

Pros: It allows quick target acquisition.
Cons: It obstructs part of your view.


Lower 1/3 co-witness means the red dot sight is settled over the iron sight. The iron sight is at the 1/3 of the window. Two kinds of lower 1/3 co-witness, the dot at the center of the window or the dot at the center of the iron sight. 

Pros: It provides wider view, compared to absolute co-witness.
Cons: You will need to adjust the line of sight when switching between the red dot sight and iron sight.

Check the Picture 1.




If you have flip-up iron sight, absolute co-witness will work better for you. You will have a standard height when you flip down the sight. Try our Scrapper 1x25 Red Dot Sight Gen II

If yours is fixed iron sight, 1/3 co-witness might be more suitable for you. Try our MAVERICK 1X22 S-SOP

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