New Paragon 5x 1-inch riflescope - beyond your expectations!

March 20, 2023 2 min read

Paragon 5x 1-Inch Riflescope:


New Paragon 1-inch riflescope - beyond your expectations!

Looking for a 1-inch tube riflescope? Check out our Paragon 1-inch riflescopes! Designed for both hunters and shooters, these riflescopes are featured premium optics, one-inch tube and 5x zoom, with zero stop function available! Plus the min 10yds parallax, these riflescopes are ideal for mounting on small-caliber rifles or air rifles. What’s more, all Paragon line products are covered under our lifetime warranty! Try them, and they will be beyond your expectations!





Highlights of Paragon 1-inch Riflescopes:

  • A combination of premium optics, one-inch tube and 5x zoom
  • Designed for both hunters and shooters
  • Zero stop function available
  • Min 10yds parallax
  • Lifetime warranty


How to choose scope rings:

Selecting the right scope rings is important when mounting your scope on a rifle, and there are several key factors that you need to take into account. Check out the info below for reference:

1. Your scope ring size

First, you need to find the right scope rings that can fit your scope monotube, which means that your scope rings diameter should be the same with your scope monotubes diameter. Vector Optics offers scope rings in 25.4mm, 30mm, 34mm and 35mm diameter.



2. Your scope ring height

To ensure that the riflescope clears the rifles barrel after being mounted, the ring height should be greater than half of your riflescopes widest point(Objective radius).

3. Your scope ring material

The most common types of ring material are steel and aluminum. The main difference of the two materials is the weight and the durability. Steel rings are more durable, but heavier and more expensive, fit for high recoil rounds. Aluminum rings are relatively lighter and cheaper, fit for general use of firearms.

4. 1 piece or 2 pieces mount

As to the style of scope rings, there are 1 piece and two pieces rings. The 1 piece rings are stronger, heavier and more expensive, can withstand more abuse and easy to align your front and back rings, but it can obstruct your rifles action in some models; The 2 pieces rings are lighter and cheaper, dont really obstruct your rifles action, but less rugged and a bit hard to align.


5. Picatinny/Weaver/Dovetail rails

There are mainly three types of scope rails: Picatinny, weaver and dovetail.

Picatinny rail: each slot width is 0.206 inch(5.23mm) and the center to center distance is 0.394 inch(10.01mm), Picatinny rails can be used with both Picatinny and Weaver rings & mounts

Weaver rail: each slot width is 0.18 inch(4.57mm), with no standardized center to center distance. Most weaver rails and picatinny rails have the same profile, but some weaver rails have lower profile. Weaver rails can accept only weaver rings & mounts.

Dovetail rail: Rails with a dovetail come in different sizes, the most common ones are the 11mm and 9.5mm ones. Dovetail rails can accept only Dovetail rings & mounts.


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