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FULL Field of View or FULL ‘View of Field’? Your Call!

July 09, 2020 1 min read

FULL Field of View or FULL ‘View of Field’? Your Call!

Q: Using a super thin edge-to-edge scope means wider field of view?
A: For SOME of so-called edge-to-edge scopes, the answer is NO.

Q: Oh, how can I tell them?
A: We can see it clearly in the pictures.
Picture 1 shows the situation of obtaining a clear edge-to-edge image when the eye relief is 95mm (3.8inch) .
But on Picture 2 when the eye relief shorten to 80mm (3.1inch), the field of view becomes WIDER.

Q: Oh yes, I noticed that. How can that happen?
A: The reason is although some thin edge scopes can provide you a full clear sight picture that will fill your eyepiece entirely, they will also sacrifice some field of view around the edge and block a part of the reticle.

Q: I see. What this situation will affect my shooting when I use these scopes?
A: It means these thin edge-to-edge scopes provide a SMALLER field of view than the ordinary ones. This will put you at a disadvantage when searching for the target especially at the low magnification.

Q: Thanks for the explanation. I now understand the situation behind it.
A: You are welcome. As a serious shooter you need a serious scope, aren’t you?


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