Constantine 1-8x24 Full Review

August 03, 2021 5 min read

 LPVO(Low Power Variable Optics) is very popular in whatever hunting, tactical or competition for AR and carbine users. It helps to turn your rifle into both short-range and long-range solution for shooting.

This article will focus on Vector Optics LPVO Constantine 1-8x24.

Why 1-8?

Currently there are many popular 1-6x, 3-9x scopes. Why do we need a 1-8x power scope?

A 1-8x scope can fit both the needs for precision shooting and rapid shooting. For rapid shooting, a true 1x scope can allow your two eyes open to quick search the target. When doing precision shooting, the reticle may cover the target at 6x magnification as the picture shows. While higher magnification provides larger image benefits the accurate shooting.

 1-8x is the perfect choice for someone who wants to do close-up,fast-action shooting but also wants to hit targets out at mid-range distances (500-600 Yds). A Red dot may be more suitable for CQB and other close-range shooting. A high-power riflescope can do better in long-range precision shooting. But neither could do both like 1-8x. When facing the choice, 1-8x scope is a good choice for a more varied range of applications.



Basic specifications of Constantine 1-8x24

  • FMCand Extra-Low Dispersion Optics Creates High Intensity & Little Distortion Image
  • True 8xZoom Factor, Edge-to-Edge Image without Inside Dark Ring Around Image
  • 30mm Monotube, FFP&SFP, True 1x PowerThat Can Use Two Eyes Open For Shooting
  • 1/10MIL Capped Adjustmentwith Very Low Profile, Total >50MIL Adjustment Range
  • Wide Field of View 1x Power Reaches 20°, 90mm 3.5" Constant Long Eye Relief, IPX6Water Proof
  • Etched Glass MIL Reticle, Center Dot and Horseshoe Illuminated(11 levels)with Digital Lines& Dots
  • Take Lapua Magnum 338 Recoil and All Fields of Application for Hunting, Sporting & Competition

 Beside the 8x zoom, Constantine’s Christmas tree reticle with illuminated horseshoe and center dot is perfect for both rapid shooting and precision shooting.

The photos follows shows its clear and sharp edge-to-edge image both at 1x and 8x.

This time, the tests will focus on Parallax, Waterproof, Anti-fog, and Shockproof.



Test1:Anti-fog Test

  • l Purpose: 

Anti-fog function is an important index to evaluate the product quality of riflescopes. Once the sealing of the riflescope is poor, it is easy to fog. First, this shows that the product cannot adapt to the humid environment and the environment with large temperature difference. Second, it will affect customers' use feelings. Third, the long-term fog in the sight will have a bad impact on the performance and service life of the riflescope. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of our products, we will conduct anti-fog test on the products before their leaving the factory and sale, so that customers can receive riflescope products with anti-fog function up to standard.

  • Principle:Place the scope at room temperature after freezing and use the temperature difference to check if the scope is well sealed. If the airtightness is not sufficient, the scope will fog up inside.
  • Result:After a period of time at room temperature, wiped off the vapor on surface of the lens and the inside of the scope is not fogged up.


Test 2:Waterproof Test

  • l Purpose:

The waterproof test is the same as the previous anti-fog test to ensure that the sight product has good sealing. If the product cannot be effectively waterproof, customers will not be able to use it in rainy days, and it will also increase the difficulty of daily maintenance of the product. And the long-term immersion in water inside the sight will corrode all parts, lead to mold inside the product and reduce the service life. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of our products, we tested the waterproof performance of the products (based on ipx6 standard) before their leaving the factory and sale.

  • IPX6:Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) of submersion).
  • Duration:30mins
  • Purpose:Test whether Constantine 1-8x24 waterproof level reaches IP67.
  • Container:One meter Container
  • Result:After 30 minutes of immersion in one meter of water, Constantine 1-8x24 still works well and no water leaking inside and no fogging on the lens.



Test3:Recoil Test

  • l Purpose:

The recoil test of the riflescopes is very important. The shock resistance of the sight determines the applicable bullet caliber of the product. Especially when shooting continuously, it is necessary to have a scope that can work stably. In order to ensure that our products can reach the compatible caliber we announced, so that customers can have a comfortable use experience, we have tested the recoil test of the products before their leaving the factory and sale.

  • Device:Impact Shock Test Device
  • Times:20 times
  • Process:
  1. Set Constantine to zero on the collimator before the test.
  2. Put on the impact shock device.
  3. Lift the hammer(5kg) to the horizontal direction.
  4. Release it from 90° to punch which simulates the recoil more than 1000g force.
  5. Put it back on the collimator, Constantine is still working and the reticle center still coincide with the center of the collimator.


Test 4:Parallax Test

  • l Purpose: 

Almost all riflescopes have parallax. Parallax occurs when the target image cannot be clearly reflected on the reticle plane. When the shooter's head is offset or in some extreme cases, there will be obvious displacement between the reticle and the target, resulting in parallax, so that the focus is not aligned and the image is blurry. All our products are generally set to have no parallax at 100 yards before leaving the factory (except the products for shotgun). In order to ensure the authenticity of our product publicity and help customers focus accurately, we have conducted parallax test on the scope products.

  • Distance:100Yards
  • Process:Change sight after aim at the target to see whether the red dot is fix on the target
  • Purpose:Test Constantine’s parallax at 100 yards
  • Result:At 100 yards distance, the reticle center keeps fix on the same point regardless the angle of observation.



All the above are the tests we did on Constantine 1-8x24. If you are a user of an AR rifle or carbine and are looking for a scope that covers the range for medium to close range use, Constantine 1-8x24 is a good choice for its versatility and applicability. Constantine has both FFP and SFP for options to fit your shooting purpose. Currently Constantine 1-8x24 FFP and SFP are available on Vector Optics official website, click the link to place the order→* 

Welcome to contact us ( if you have any questions on Constantine 1-8x24.

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