Are prism scopes worth it ?

June 18, 2021 3 min read

Are prism scopes worth it?--Calypso 1x30 & 3x32 Prism Scope Test Review

Prism scopes have become more frequently used in recent years in many close range rapid shooting situations. To an extent, prism scope is the combination of Red dot sight and traditional optical scope. It’s ultra-compact size with some magnification contributes to its popularity. And you can get on your target very fast with it which is particularly evident in scenarios such as CQB.

Some people will question the usefulness of prismatic sights, are prism scopes really worth it? This time let's check the performance of prism scope to see whether it is worth or not!

The product under review is Vector Optics calypso 1x30 & 3x32 prism scope.

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What is a prism scope?

The following picture shows the internal structure of a prism scope, which, as the name implies, transmits images through prisms.

How do prism optics work?

The light enters through the objective lens, refracts by the prism, and then passes through the ocular lens to be received by our eyes.Prism optics system allows the more compact size, so prism scope is often lighter and smaller than traditional optical scopes.


What is a 1x prism scope?

Almost all prism scopes are fixed magnification, the magnification is generally lower, like 1X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 7X, depending on the choice of magnification, can be applied to different range. A 1x prism scope means the magnification is 1x.

Why we need a 1x prism scope?

The biggest advantage of 1x prism scope is quick search and quick aim. We can keep both eyes open while using a 1x prism scope. By the way, the image we see through a 1x prism scope is much clearer than we see through our naked eyes.


How to zero a prism scope?

Zero a prism scope is same as zero an optical scope.

Take calypso as an example, take off the turret cap,

use the plastic wrench can easily adjust the elevation and windage.


After having a basic understanding of prism scope let's check the basic parameters of Vector Optics calypso prism scope!

  • Crystal Clear Prism Scope With FMC Prism Offers Distortion Free and Edge-to Edge Image,
  • >3“ Long Eye Relief, >6.5° F.O.V Wider Than Most Other Similar Sights
  • 11 Levels Illumination Very Bright & Very Dim (Fit NV), 1/2 MOA Adjustment
  • Very Compact CQB Scope 103mm 4.1" Length/140mm 5.5" Length Featuring .223 5.56x45mm Cartridge
  • BDC Reticle Directly Etched On The Prism Provides Holdover & Ranging Reference From 0-500 Yards
  • IPX6 Waterproof Built By Heavy Duty Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • It is really a MUST for your fast target acquisition in close to medium range shooting

The image quality of the Calypso prism scope is no less than that of a conventional optical scope. Distortion free,edge-to-edge, no heavy dark ring.

As usual, we tested the Calypso for three features: anti-fog, shockproof, and parallax.

Let’s go on to check!

How to know Calypso fog proof and Nfilled ?

  • Principle:Place the scope at room temperature after freezing and use the temperature difference to check if the scope is well sealed. If the airtightness is not sufficient, the scope will fog up inside.
  • Purpose:Check that Calypso is airtight enough to combat fogging.
  • Result:After a period of time at room temperature, wiped off the vapor on surface of the lens and the inside of the prism scope is not fogged up.

How to know Calypso parallax performance?

  • Distance:100Yards
  • Process:Change sight after aim at the target to see whether the reticle is fix on the target
  • Purpose:Test Calypso’ parallax at 100 yards
  • Result:At 100 yards distance, the reticle center keeps fix on the same point regardless the extreme angle of observation.

How to know whether it will survive after rigorous use?

Device:Impact Shock Test Device

Times:20 times


  • Set Calypso to zero on the collimator before the test.
  • Put on the impact shock device.
  • Lift the hammer(5kg) to the horizontal direction.
  • Release it from 90° to punch which simulates the recoil more than 1200g force.

Put it back on the collimator, Calypso is still working and the reticle center still coincide with the center of the collimator.

All the above are the review of Calypso prism scope. Regardless of the fixed magnification and limited eye relief, prism scope can be seen as an ideal option for carbines because of the compact size, precise reticle, and two-eye-open features.

Currently Calypso 1x30 and 3x32 are available on Vector Optics official online store, click the link to place the order→*

Also, Vector Optics is about to launch the new prism scope, shorter length and more compact size, please stay tuned if interested!

Welcome to contact us ( if you have any questions on Calypso prism scope or any other Vector Optics products.

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