Vebro :Shot ≠ Shot

You must be curious about ”Vebro”, thought of this being the SLOGAN of this event ?

Actually not !!!

Built in 2007, we stay serious over the past few years, COVID-19 did not destroy our will but

INSTEAD it pushes us to do better !

¥300,000,000 sales was created in 2021, it’s a big step for Vector Optics.

We never forget who accompanied us all the way.

IT’S YOU ! Our fans : “Vector Optics Brother—— Vebro


We have something for you

Invitation : 2nd Quarter / 2022

Price :   1st : $300x1

2nd : $100x3

3rd : $50x5

Participation Award : $10 (Everyone)




#1 How to get them ? —— Submit Photos

#2 What photos ? —— Show Vector Optics’ scopeCheck below

#3 When to submit ? —— 1st-Apr/2022 – 25th-Apr/2022

#4 How long to receive ? —— 1st-May/2022-15th-May/2022


Three things you must know !

(1) Event Team will vote for the winner on 28th-Apr/2022 , Live on Facebook /Youtube 

(2) We promise that we will email you all of you the result

(3) Refresh the page (F5) can update your submitting :)