Frenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA


The Frenzy is proof that you don’t have to compromise performance on a small sight. Whether it’s topping your AR, shotgun, or pistol, the Frenzy gives you a clear field of view and the bold aiming point you need in high-pressure situations. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this sight is made to handle abuse.

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· The extra-large window size 20x28mm 0.8x1.1”. You will see more!

· 6061-T6 aluminum housing in rug construction light weight 56g 2.0oz

· 6MOA dot size with 8 Levels & 2 NV red dot intensity

· TEK Footprint w/ 4 Sets Screws

· >40,000 hours for NV dot & >20,000 hours for weakest visible dot

· IPX6 water proof up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes

· Take 9mm, 45ACP, 12GA and Lapua Magnum 338 Recoil

· Clear lens with premier and protective coatings

· On/off switches on side, complete user control and 4 hours auto shut-down

Frenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT brightnessFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT sturdy structureFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT ipx6 waterproofFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT footprintFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT runtimeFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOTSFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT Battery



· Magnification: N/A

· Window Lens Size: 20x28mm (0.8x1.1")

· Length: 46mm / 1.8"

· Width: 32mm / 1.2"

· Height: 35mm / 1.4"

· Weight (net): 56g / 2.0oz

· Eye Relief: Free

· Optics Coating: Multi Coated

· Parallax: ±1.0MOA 100 yds

· Elevation Range: 45 MOA

· Windage Range: 45 MOA

· Dot Size: 6 MOA

· Dot Intensity: 8 levels & 2 night vision dot

· Footprint: TEK

· Battery Type: CR2032

· Battery Runtime: ≥20000 hours

· Finish: Black matte

· For close-in work and general shooting

· Real water proof at 1 meter with 30 minutes IPX6

· 4 Hours Auto Shut Down

· Pistol application with Vector Optics pistol mount

· High quality aluminum alloy 6061 T6 in durable black matte finish

· >20,000 hours battery runtime (at weakest visible dot level)

· Tested on 9mm Pistol, 338 Lapua Magnum rifle and 12 GA shotgun

· Package includes: retail package, weaver mount, rubber lens cover, hex keys and cleaning cloth etc


  • what is the best RED DOT model for pistol G19X GLOCK

    If your G19X is not optics-ready, then you need an adaptor plate to install a red dot on it.
    We have 2 kinds of plates for Glock with different footprints.
    The plate below fits our SCRD-19II/G19II/35/40
    Frenzy Red Dot Pistol Mount Base fit for GLOCK 17 19 - Vector Optics 2007 (
    While this fits our SCRD-43/M43/G43/F43//52/50
    Frenzy Red Dot Pistol Mount Adapter G17 MAG Footprint - Vector Optics 2007 (

  • What footprint is the "Vector Optics Pistol mount" compatible with?

    This red dot shares the footprint of Docter/Noblex, VT venom.

  • hi, this model works for a beretta 92 x performance defensive ?

    Yes, but you need a mounting plate to install a red dot.

  • Does it turn on with a quick press or do would I need to hold a button for a few seconds to turn it on? Thank you.

    Yes, just pressing the + button will instantly turn it on.

  • Will this attach to the Frenzy & Sphinx Red Dot Pistol Mount Base for GLOCK Pistol for slides without cuts?


  • Is there an option to disable the auto shut down and keep turned on?

    Hi, yes, it has buttons for you to press turn on or turn off. Manual control.

  • Does this have shake awake and would it fit a noblex footprint ?

    Hi, it hasn't shake awake fuction, and it is TEK footprint, which is the same as Docter/noblex.

  • I have Canik Rival 9x19. Can I mount this red dot on that pistol?

    Hi, sorry for the late reply. 
    SCRD-40 is TEK footprint, which compatible with Docter. 

    To know if our red dot sight will fit on your pistol, you need to know the footprint of the mounting system.

    1) If your pistol slide has already been cut by default and the pistol comes with several kinds of mount plates, then nearly all our Frenzy red dot will fit on your pistol. Whereas some pistols come with a fixed footprint cut, a certain type of red dot sight can be directly mounted without a plate.

    2) With a non-cut pistol slide, you can only swap the iron sight for a mounting plate, which is normally on sale at your local gun shops, onto which a red dot sight is held. To know the type of your mounting plate, you can contact its supplier.

    3) Our Frenzy red dot has three sorts of footprints.

    TEK footprint is the same as that of Doc, VT, and Burris fire. (We have some TEK plates for a few pistols)

    MOJ footprint is the same as RMR.

    MAG is the same as RMS/RMSC.

  • What is TEK footprint compatible with ?

    Docter/Noblex, VT venom.


    Frenzy series would be perfect.

  • Taurus G3XL?

    You need an adaptor plate to install this to Taurus G3XL.

  • What do you recommend for an offset optics for my AR9 and what do adapter do I need to install it?

    Our Frenzy red dot will be good.
    And the link below is the adapter.