Gunpany 9mm Snap Caps

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Hot Sale & Best  Snap caps!

· Our snap caps are totally Safe, totally Safe and totally Safe.

· "Snap caps"  is a device which is shaped like a standard fire-arms cartridge but contains no primer, propellant or projectile. Snap cap is designed to be a fake cartridge from the very beginning.

·"Snap caps" serves the same function as a dummy round, but different in that a dummy is usually made from a real cartridge with its propellant and primer removed (still has the projectile and the casing).

· 9mm, Aluminum Alloy Snap caps, Red Anodizing, w/ Sling, 6 Pieces in 1 Pack

Snap Caps | For .45 ACP Auto  |  Gunpany


· Caliber: 9mm

· Size: Same as real cartridge

· Material: Aluminum alloy

· Weight:5g (0.2oz)

· Finish: Red anodizing

· Qty:6 pieces

· Primer: Soft silicon

· Totally safe

· Functions just like real ammo - without the noise

· Offers versatility: training, storage, testing, practice

· Thousands of dry fires without damage

Gunpany 9mm Snap Caps

Gunpany 9mm Snap Caps



Academy Blog

What are snap caps?

How do the snap caps work?

How to choose snap cap or dummy round  (snap cap vs dummy round)?

How to use snap caps?

Why we need to use snap caps for  the dry firing practice?

If you want to know more about the snap caps , please visit our blog <When you practice dry fire, do you remember to use snap caps?>.


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