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Frenzy-X 1x22x26 AUT Red Dot Sight

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Pistols Application

8 Levels+2 NV Dot

20,000H Runtime

3 MOA Micro Reflex Sight

 Product Manual
 Lifetime Warranty




· The extra-large window size 22x26mm 0.85x1.0". You can see more!

· Super slim profile only 7mm(0.3") height that won't block your pistol sights

· 6061-T6 aluminum housing in rug construction light weight 30g (1.0oz)

· 3MOA dot size with 8 Levels & 2 NV red dot intensity

· Weaver mount & MJT footprint compatible for tri. footprint (can do VT footprint too)

· >40,000 hours for NV dot & >20,000 hours for weakest visible dot

· IPX6 water proof up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes

· Take 9mm, 45ACP, 12GA and Lapua Magnum 338 Recoil

· Clear lens with premier and protective multi coatings

· On / off switches on side, complete user control and automatic light sensor



· Magnification: N/A

· Window Size: 22x26

· Overall Length: 49.5mm / 1.9 inch

· Mount Length: 45mm / 1.8 inch

· Width: 27.4mm / 1.1 inch

· Body Profile: 7mm / 0.275"

· Weight (net, without mount base): 30g / 1.0oz

· Eye Relief: Free

· Optics Coating: Multi coated

· Click Value: N/A

· Dot Size: 3MOA

· Elevation Range: 45 MOA

· Windage Range: 45 MOA

· Brightness Level: 8 Levels & 2 NV & Automatic light sensor

· Footprint: Vector Optics MJT

· Batter Type: CR2032

· Mounting: 21mm weaver

· Two modes: Press '+' more than 3 seconds to change the mode. Press '-' more than 3 seconds to turn off the sight

· #Manual control (4 Hours Auto Shut Down)

· #Automatic light sensor

· Pistol application for tri. footprint, and can do VT or other famous footprint too

· High quality aluminum alloy 6061 T6 in durable black matte finish

· >20,000 hours battery runtime (at weakest visible dot level)

· Tested on 9mm Pistol, 338 Lapua Magnum rifle and 12GA shotgun

· Package includes: retail package, 21mm weaver mount, rubber lens cover, hex keys and cleaning cloth etc




For More Warranty Information,Pls See to The Page of WARRANTY INFO: https://vector2007.com/pages/warranty-info

  • What is the difference between the Frenzy-X 1x22x26 AUT Red Dot and the Frenzy-X 1x22x26 MOS Red Dot?

    Hello, James Hilliard Jr.
    We have received your message.

    First, thanks for your consideration of our brand and products.
    As for your question, we want to show that:
    1.THE main difference between SCRD-36(Frenzy-X 1x22x26 MOS Red Dot) and SCRD-37(FRENZY-X 1X22X26 AUT RED DOT SIGHT) is the sensor of them.
    SCRD-36 has motion sensor, but SCRD-37 has.Automatic light sensor
    2.Runtime of SCRD-36 and SCRD-37 is different.
    The rest of the difference is small.

    Our products are on sale now. Welcome to buy our products.
    If you have other questions, welcome to contact us.
    Have a good time.

  • Wjat is a vt plate i have a plate for a vortex venom will this fit

    You may have been misled by the QA information on the webpage, that is a wrong response. It has been corrected. VT refers to our TEK or Docter, Vortex Venom/Viper, and Burris Fastfire. But the footprint of this red dot is MOJ, which is Trijicon's RMR.

  • Is the the same size as the Trij RmR for a glock cut out slide

    Yes,friend.Frenzy 1x22x26 AUT Red Dot Sight is w/ the same size as the Trij for a glock cut out slide

  • Please explain differences between the Frenzy 1x22x26 MOS and AUT models

    Hello, my dear friend, the Mos and the Aut both have the sensor motion means can detect your touching and using with them,then they will wake up,and they have the 8 levels lighting& 2 levels night vision.
    But the AUT has a particular mode which allows it can be pressed the ‘+’ button more than 3 seconds it will change the mode between ‘on’ and ‘off’  of auto sensor motion,and if you press the ‘-’ more than 3
    seconds,it will shut down the battery. That's the difference between them and also the feature for AUT.

  • Which footprint is used on this?

    Hello,my friend ,it has a 21mm weaver mount and suits the MOJ footprint. MOJ and Trijicon‘s RMR are compatible with each other
    Glad to answer you.

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