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Honeycomb Filter Sunshade Item


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Please be kindly noticed before you buy.

We can not 100% promise it can fit your scopes, since different scopes are with different sizes.

You had better check scope's objective lens size and specification.

Do NOT buy if you want to put neagtive feedback if the sunshade doesn't fit your scope,

which will hurt both parties a lot.



Mainly for riflescopes

Five types available now

A: Outer Dia: 47mm, Thread code: M45x0.75mm, Weight 20g
B: Outer Dia: 57.5mm, Thread code: M55x0.75mm, Weight 30g
C: Outer Dia: 59mm, Thread code: M56x0.60mm, Weight 30g
D: Outer Dia: 64mm, Thread code: M61x0.75mm, Weight 35g
E: Outer Dia: 62mm, Thread code: M58.2x0.75mm, Weight 35g
F: Outer Dia: 34mm, Thread code: M31.8x0.75mm, Weight 10g

Length: A-E 31mm; F 28mm

Material: Alloy Aluminum
Since there are so many different riflescopes made by so many factories, we can NOT promise that the sunshade can fit your scope. Please check the thread code for your scope.

Our A type filter sunshade can fit most 40mm objective lens scopes, such as: our 3.5-10x40 series and China replica 3.5-10x40 etc

Our B type filter sunshade can fit some 50mm objective lens scopes, such as:
Ø China replica 3.5-10x50, 4.5-14x50
Ø Burris XTR
Ø Black Diamond 50mm
Ø Vector Sentinel 4-16x50 & 6-24x50 & 10-40x50 (engraved logo edition)

C and D are mainly for our First Focal Plane
Ø C: Vector Paladin 4-16x50FFP
Ø D: Hawke Optics Sidewinder 8-32x56, Vector Optics x56mm FFP series
E can fit some Schmidt and Bender, Zeiss, Leatherwood, Nightforce etc
Ø Countersniper 4-48X56
Ø Schmidt and Bender 5-25x56
Ø Crusaders&bender 8x56
Ø Vector Warrior 6-24x50AOE

F mainly fits our 1-4x24 first focal plane scope


Honeycomb Filter Sunshade Item 5 WAREHOUSES AROUND THE WORLD
Honeycomb Filter Sunshade Item SHIPMENT

For More Warranty Information,

Pls See to The Page of WARRANTY INFO: https://vector2007.com/pages/warranty-info

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