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Vector Optics Father’s Day Giveaway coming!

Vector Optics Fathers Day Giveaway coming!

Great gifts for great dads! Vector Optics Father's Day Giveaway is now started! Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube all have events to participate in, with one first prize and 2-3 lucky prizes for each platform! Participate, and the prize may be yours!

#1 What is the prize?

  • First Prize:1 person/platform

Facebook:TAURUS 3-18X50FFP RIFLESCOPE(Gift Package)

Instagram:Frenzy-S 1x17x24 AUT FDE (Gift Package) + Accessories


  • Lucky Prize:2-3 person/platform

Gunpany / Rokstad products gift pack


#2 How long is the period?

Vector Optics Father’s Day Giveaway will last 7 days, from 6.14th to 6.20th China Time. You can participate in the giveaway event to win prizes since 6.14th

How to Participate?


  1. Follow @Vector Optics & @Vector Innovation
  2. Find Father’s Day giveaway video and like it
  3. Share a video of you and your child/father and @Vector Optics & @Vector Innovation
  4. No limit on video length


  1. Follow @Vector Optics & @Vector Optics Online
  2. Find the Father’s Day giveaway post and like it
  3. Share this post with your own story of you and your child/father on your Timeline; @Vector Optics, @Vector Optics Online and add #vedadday
  4. The story need to be related to Vector Optics
  5. No word limit


  1. Follow @vector_optics & @vectoroptics_online
  2. Find the Father’s Day giveaway post and like it
  3. Share a photo of you and your child/father; @vector_optics & @vectoroptics_online and add #vedadday
  4. No limit on the number of photos


#3 What are the criteria for judging?

  1. The story/photo/video should be related to Father’s Day and Vector Optics
  2. The story/photo/video with the highest number of likes wins the prize

#4 How could I know the result?

The results of Vector Optics Father’s Day Giveaway will be announced on the official account within three days after the event, and the winners will also receive a private message from the official account. Please stay tuned to Vector Optics' official social media accounts.


Participants can enter the event on all three platforms, but can only choose one prize, the winner of the three platforms will not be the same person. Wish you good luck!