Frenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA

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The Frenzy is proof that you don’t have to compromise performance on a small sight. Whether it’s topping your AR, shotgun, or pistol, the Frenzy gives you a clear field of view and the bold aiming point you need in high-pressure situations. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this sight is made to handle abuse.

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· The extra-large window size 20x28mm 0.8x1.1”. You will see more!

· 6061-T6 aluminum housing in rug construction light weight 56g 2.0oz

· 6MOA dot size with 8 Levels & 2 NV red dot intensity

· TEK Footprint w/ 4 Sets Screws

· >40,000 hours for NV dot & >20,000 hours for weakest visible dot

· IPX6 water proof up to 1 meter depth for 30 minutes

· Take 9mm, 45ACP, 12GA and Lapua Magnum 338 Recoil

· Clear lens with premier and protective coatings

· On/off switches on side, complete user control and 4 hours auto shut-down

Frenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT brightnessFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT sturdy structureFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT ipx6 waterproofFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT footprintFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT runtimeFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOTSFrenzy-X 1x20x28 6MOA RED DOT SIGHT Battery



· Magnification: N/A

· Window Lens Size: 20x28mm (0.8x1.1")

· Length: 46mm / 1.8"

· Width: 32mm / 1.2"

· Height: 35mm / 1.4"

· Weight (net): 56g / 2.0oz

· Eye Relief: Free

· Optics Coating: Multi Coated

· Parallax: ±1.0MOA 100 yds

· Elevation Range: 45 MOA

· Windage Range: 45 MOA

· Dot Size: 6 MOA

· Dot Intensity: 8 levels & 2 night vision dot

· Footprint: TEK

· Battery Type: CR2032

· Battery Runtime: ≥20000 hours

· Finish: Black matte

· For close-in work and general shooting

· Real water proof at 1 meter with 30 minutes IPX6

· 4 Hours Auto Shut Down

· Pistol application with Vector Optics pistol mount

· High quality aluminum alloy 6061 T6 in durable black matte finish

· >20,000 hours battery runtime (at weakest visible dot level)

· Tested on 9mm Pistol, 338 Lapua Magnum rifle and 12 GA shotgun

· Package includes: retail package, weaver mount, rubber lens cover, hex keys and cleaning cloth etc


  • what is the best RED DOT model for pistol G19X GLOCK

    If your G19X is not optics-ready, then you need an adaptor plate to install a red dot on it.
    We have 2 kinds of plates for Glock with different footprints.
    The plate below fits our SCRD-19II/G19II/35/40
    Frenzy Red Dot Pistol Mount Base fit for GLOCK 17 19 - Vector Optics 2007 (
    While this fits our SCRD-43/M43/G43/F43//52/50
    Frenzy Red Dot Pistol Mount Adapter G17 MAG Footprint - Vector Optics 2007 (

  • What footprint is the "Vector Optics Pistol mount" compatible with?

    This red dot shares the footprint of Docter/Noblex, VT venom.

  • hi, this model works for a beretta 92 x performance defensive ?

    Yes, but you need a mounting plate to install a red dot.

  • Does it turn on with a quick press or do would I need to hold a button for a few seconds to turn it on? Thank you.

    Yes, just pressing the + button will instantly turn it on.

  • Will this attach to the Frenzy & Sphinx Red Dot Pistol Mount Base for GLOCK Pistol for slides without cuts?


  • What is TEK footprint compatible with ?

    Docter/Noblex, VT venom.


    Frenzy series would be perfect.

  • Taurus G3XL?

    You need an adaptor plate to install this to Taurus G3XL.

  • What do you recommend for an offset optics for my AR9 and what do adapter do I need to install it?

    Our Frenzy red dot will be good.
    And the link below is the adapter.