What is the dropshipping program?

Dropshippingis a way for you to sell products without storing the inventory yourself. When a customer places an order in your store, you purchase the products from Vector Optics and select how to ship the product directly to your customer. You don't need to hold any inventory or ship items yourself.

Why Join Our Dropshipping Program?


Personal Retail

【1】Bothered by the inventory problems?

For those who want to set up their brick-and-mortar store or online business, Inventory is always an important factor to take into consideration. Buying products in bulk, then storing them, unpacking and shipping them to buyers is often very troublesome.Joining our program can help you solve your problems.

Small Business

【2】 Failed to pass our dealer & distributor application?

For customers who apply to be our dealers and distributors, if they cannot meet our requirements, then they will not be able to get our wholesale price.
Don't worry, we have a new plan for you, you can get a discounted price on our products.


Who Can Apply?

  • Internet marketers
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Merchants with offline retail stores
  • Anyone who has an e-commerce website or online retail business

How to Join?

Start by submitting your application using the form below to become a Vector Optics dropshipper. We will contact you to confirm the purchase order, and after mutual agreement, your customer account will be converted to a direct sales account. You will also have an exclusive discount code.

Step 1:Register an account ( official online store www.vector2007.com )

Step 2:Use the exclusive “Discount Code” to place the order.

Step 3:www.vector2007.com ship product to you or your customer directly.


    *If you have any questions about joining our program, just send us an email at online@vectoroptics.com and one of our support team members will be in touch to provide more information.